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  • September 6, 2011

Termidor Termiticide – the Best Termite Control Available!

As one of the biggest purchases ever to be made, protecting the investment in the family home should be of concern to every house owner.

When wood destroying pests like termites invade the house and risk causing thousands of dollars of structural damage not covered by homeowner’s insurance, a quick solution must be sought. Pest control service providers using proven professional termite extermination measures can help save your home from extensive termite damage.

Termidor Termiticide; Non-invasive to Your Home, yet Highly Effective

Termidor Termiticide  has an irrefutable track record for effective termite control. The active ingredient in Termidor works unlike any other pesticide. Instead of a repellant that also kills termites, fipronil is a non-repellent termite poison. A 100% effective pest exterminator not detected by termites until its lethal power is unleashed.

Fipronil pesticide begins to work the moment termites come in contact with it. Because the killing power in fipronil remains undetected by termites until it is too late, they ingest it. They also carry it back to the colony as food – where other termites become contaminated; ingest it, and die.

Termidor Termiticide is the best subterranean termite control product available. It is also highly effective on many other species of termites.

For use by licensed pest control specialists, Termidor is only made available to a termite exterminator professional trained in its safe use. Here’s how it works:

  • The termite control specialist establishes a “treated zone” that surrounds your home. This is a non-invasive method of effective pest control, requiring no house foundation drilling or specialized equipment; using time-tested techniques proven effective in experiments performed over an 8-year period.
  • Day 1 – termites wander into the treated zone, unaware that any danger exists. They pick up the active ingredient fipronil in Termidor, and become a carrier; introducing it into their nests and tunnels where other colony members become infected.
  • A few days later – many termites are already dead; others are dying. Still others continue being affected by the “transfer effect” caused by the unending procession of infected termites that enter the colony, contaminating all other members.
  • Within 3 months – 100% termite extermination is complete!  Colony life is extinguished; there are no termites to damage your home.

An added bonus is that the treated zone remains effective; protecting your home from new termite colonies that attempt to invade your home.

Long-lasting Protection; Effective in all Soil Types

Providing long-lasting protection against termites Termidor can’t be beat as a pest exterminator. It has undergone some of the most rigorous testing in termite control experimentation history.

Termidor was subjected to grueling trials by the USDA-Forest Service in four separate states over a period of more than 8-years. The results?  100% effective; every application, at every location where tests were performed!

Best yet, Termidor is effective in all soil types; in all types of climates. It is not adversely affected by debris, dryness, fungal decay, or other insects.

Application through trenching, rodding, sub-slab injection, foam delivery techniques, and other types of applications when required, are long-lasting. Far outliving the termite colony that threatened your home.

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