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They Might Look Cute But……….

  • September 6, 2011 1:55 am
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Interesting facts about mice:

  • They eat about 3 grams a day..not a lot..!!
  • They don’t need to drink as there is enough moisture in the food, but if they do..then about 3 ml
  • These guys don’t need laxatives, they do about 80 droppings per day…WOW..!!
  • Again,lady mice are pregnant for 3 weeks (Gestation Period).
  • Madam can have between 4 to 16 in a litter, depends on food availability etc.
  • She also can have 7 to 8 litters per year, some have been known to have 10.
  • Sexual maturity of the young is about 8 to 12 weeks and then they are off again.
  • Mortality rate is again approximately 90%. And a good job too..!

The diseases carried by mice are as follows:-

   1. Salmonella       2. Hantavirus      3. Lyme Disease

How do we know that we have a problem, you may laugh, but lots of
people have mice or rats, and don’t even know it.

Listed below are a few indicators:

  • Finding droppings in your cupboards etc. As you can see from above, if they have been there for any length of time then there will be quite a few.
  • An infestation of rodents in say your roof space will be  accompanied by quite a strong urine smell, especially if they’ve been there for some time.
  • Damage, in the form of chewed articles in your cupboards, chewed insulation on the wiring in your roof  space, this latter one can be quite dangerous as it can be a fire risk. Really rodents will chew anything because their top and bottom incisor teeth grow like our finger nails do. Consequently rodents chew to wear them back to the correct length, otherwise they would eventually starve to death.
  • If there is a problem in your garden with rats, this will show up as runs along the edges through the vegetation, as rats usually use the same pathways.
  • If you find a hole and there is a build up of grease around it, this is known as a smear mark. Just as we have Grease on our hair so do rodents and continual passage through the same hole will cause a build up.
  • Tracks are also an indicator, but a certain amount of expertise is required to fully interpret any findings. Great White Hunters us chaps you know..!!
  • Last of all is seeing actual live rodents. This when the husband stands on a chair and waits for the wife to come home from the office, or something like that.

OK!! so what can we do to help prevent our homes
and businesses from being over-run with our furry friends?

We Offer 24 Hour Emergency Service:

Regular Hours of Operation
Monday-Friday 7:30am-7:30pm
Saturday-Sunday On Call

Off Hours Call To Schedule 24
Hour #: 610-584-4994


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